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Miles Richmond Helps Out the Community

The Marching Band and The Ship!

The Ship

There was a lot of talk in the Richmond community in the summer of 2004 about “The Ship”. It was referring to a prop to be used by the Richmond High School Marching Band for their State Fair Band Competition on August 11th.

The theme of the show was Pirates of the Caribbean and “The Ship” was a pirate ship. This “little project” turned out to be a major production. This ship measured 8’8” wide, 50’ long and 28’ to the tip of the mast. It had four ramps, two of which were lowered by hand during the show to allow for approximately 35 band members to exit the ship. There was a second floor, or should I say upper deck which was 16’ long, complete with stairway. Two collapsible masts with crows nest, five strobe lights and two smoke machines.

Oh yes, and this all had to be towed from Richmond to Indianapolis. It was a great show and the kids all did a fantastic job. They may have only placed 5th in the judge’s eyes, but in our eyes and based on the comments from others attending the show it was definitely the crowd pleaser.

Miles-Richmond was proud to be a corporate sponsor donating both time and material to the project.

Congratulations to the band and Deviletts for a job well done.

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