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About Us

Miles-Richmond, Inc. has been serving this area with quality products and service since 1948. We are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years in the residential and light commercial construction industry. We offer our customers the experience and expertise they are looking for in their construction needs. From handyman services to new homes and everything in between, we have the experience and the track record to deliver a top quality product at a fair price.

Our three-person sales staff has over 80 years of combined experience and our 12 on-staff carpenters and helpers working with you make a quality team, putting your best interests first.

We have over 4000 square feet of showroom space to allow our customers to see some of the latest offerings in the building and remodeling industry. We handle nearly all the major name brand products plus some lesser known manufacturers that deliver high quality products. We also offer our customers an in-house design service with 3D rendering capabilities so they can see what their project will look like before the first nail is driven.

With a long list of satisfied customers, we are confident in our ability to deliver a high-quality finished product. We have been remodeling existing homes and building new ones long enough to have the experience to tackle just about any project that comes our way. Whether you just need a new storm door or a new house to hang your storm door on, or if you’re in the market for a newly remodeled bathroom or kitchen, we can meet your needs. For room additions, room remodels, sunrooms, decks and floor coverings we are your one stop shop.

With 60 years behind the name, a quality sales staff and top notch carpenters waiting to serve you, don't miss out on a great experience; call Miles-Richmond, Inc. for your next building or remodeling project.

Liability: We carry all the proper insurances to ensure you’re not left out in the cold if a problem would happen to arise. All our employees are covered by workman’s compensation insurance while on our jobs. We also carry a two million dollar general liability policy and completed operations coverage. Did You Know: If you hire a carpenter to do work on the side or a contractor that does not carry the proper insurance and they or someone else is hurt on your job, or there is property damage as a result of their work, you, the customer, could be liable and then would be held responsible for all medical bills and damage repairs.

The Complete Price: The most important issue is that we believe a fair price must be a "complete" price. We believe that it is our duty to provide you with a price that covers the entire scope of work envisioned. We know that surprise change orders after the initial agreement is signed can sour a relationship and can create hardship for you. We want change orders to be the result of you changing your mind, or adding more work because of your growing confidence in us. Our experience shows us that Miles-Richmond clients understand the value of our "complete" price.

Design: Miles-Richmond has been providing an in-house design service for many years. We chose that method because it is the best way for us to deliver value to you. It may cost a little more to provide design, but good design can save costly mistakes. Obtaining design services independent of the contractor will costs you much more and sets up a potentially adverse relationship. If a problem arises, we take care of it.

Warranty: We at Miles-Richmond, Inc. believe that we have a solemn bond and commitment with our clients. We offer a one-year warranty, and we are known to fix problems many years later if they are related to a mistake made by us. With over 60 years in business, we will be here long after completion of your project and will be able to address any warranty issues that may arise.

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Meet Our Staff

One member of our sales staff takes your project from beginning to end. From the initial meeting, through the design and estimating stages, helping in the selection of the materials to be used on the job and overseeing the project from beginning to end. This allows our customers to have just one person, in most cases, that they can go to get answers to questions and help from throughout the entire process.

Gary FinchGary Finch, Owner & President

Gary has been with the company since 1984. He designs and works with you on all types of remodeling and new construction projects. Gary has an A.S. Degree in Architecture from Vincennes University. Contact GaryDon De LaCroix

Don De La Croix, Owner & Secretary/Treasurer

Don has been with the company since 1998. Prior to joining Miles-Richmond’s staff he owned and operated his own construction company for over 12 years. He designs and sells all types of remodeling and new construction projects. Don is a past president of the Wayne County Home Builders Assn. and has served in various capacities in the Indiana Builders Assn. Don is also our in-house certified Lead Renovator. Contact Don

Mark RosenbergerMark Rosenberger

Mark has been with the company since 1972. He designs and works with customers on all types of remodeling and new construction projects. Marks is a graduate of Miami University, Oxford. He has completed the Boarman School of Kitchen Design and National Kitchen & Bath School of Design. Lora Snyder

Lora Snyder

Lora is the receptionist, bookkeeper, and maintains and updates the showroom. She assists customers in the showroom and works with the different vendors and suppliers. She is a valuable part of the Miles-Richmond team.

Warehouse and Delivery: Rick Payton (started 1983) takes care of all our warehouse and delivery needs. He orders and maintains our inventory items, receives all shipments, makes all deliveries, and maintains all company vehicles and property. He also fills in as needed in the field.

Carpenters: Our carpenters work on the job site, overseeing the actual construction from beginning to end. They have extensive experience and have the right tools to do just about any job and provide only the highest level of craftsmanship. They receive a good wage and benefits, so they stay with us over the long term - some for more than thirty years. We value our employees highly. With our carpenters’ abilities to do the majority of the work on most projects, this allows us to have much greater control over the finished project. We also find the enjoyable experience that our customers have with the foreman on their job has them requesting that same foreman for future projects.

  • Art Bleill: Started 1999
  • Adam Frazier: Started 2008
  • Jeff Fox: Started 1994
  • Nathan Lafuze: Started 2000
  • Terry Liming: Started 1986
  • Greg Mitchell: Started 1996
  • Randy Sayne: Started 1992
  • Jan Skinner: Started 1988
  • Dave Steinard: Started 1976
  • Doug Steinard: Started 2000

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Our History

In 1890, William Henry Harrison Clark and his three sons, Walter, Burt and Morris, started a lumber and coal yard with the store originally being located at 215 South Main Street in Liberty, Indiana. Bill and Clare Richmond and Maurice and Carmen Miles formed a corporation and purchased the real estate and business known as W.H.H. Clark & Sons from Walter Clark, the only surviving member of the founding family, in February of 1948. The name of the business was changed to Miles-Richmond, Inc.

During the 1950’s, a fuel oil bulk plant, oil delivery equipment and complete heating and cooling department were added as oil began to replace coal as a primary fuel source. A complete “total package” remodeling department was initiated, and the company also broadened its services by offering a turnkey new home program.

In the 1960’s, Miles-Richmond, Inc. purchased several acres of land adjacent to Liberty and developed the Wil-Mar housing subdivision in Union County. In order to have the room to offer one-stop service for the retail store operation, remodeling and new construction services, a new modern Home Center was constructed. The entire operation was then moved to its new building, and its present location, 221 South Main Street in Liberty.

During the 1970’s, 3,600 square feet of warehouse was converted to additional selling space displaying complete kitchens, baths, appliances and electrical fixtures.

Upon the death of Bill Richmond in 1975, Maurice Miles bought Mr. Richmond’s interest in the business.

In the 1980’s, an additional area was converted to display carpets, flooring and ceramic tile. New homes, light commercial construction and the remodeling departments continued a wider expansion of services into the surrounding areas of Connersville, Richmond and Brookville in Indiana and Oxford and Eaton in Ohio.

In 1990, the Miles children along with Mark Rosenberg purchased the business from Maurice and Carmen Miles. In 1993, Miles-Richmond introduced “House Calls,” a division of Miles-Richmond that provides small project installations and repairs.

On January 1, 2002, Miles-Richmond closed down the lumberyard and hardware portions of the business due to the strong competition of the “Big Box Stores” which had moved into the area. However, this allowed them to concentrate on the main part of the business, which was remodeling and new construction.

On June 3, 2002, the company saw its fourth generation of ownership take place. Gary Finch and Don De La Croix, both employees of the company, formed their own corporation and purchased the business maintaining the name of Miles-Richmond, Inc.

Continuing in the tradition of excellence which had been established by its preceding owners, Miles-Richmond has continued to grow and offer its customers the quality product and service they have come to expect.

Being one of the early pioneers of installed sales, the company has continued to add to and expand its product line and has expanded its showroom even more, allowing them to offer their customers an ever-increasing variety of product options for their remodeling and new construction projects.

Miles-Richmond also offers an in-house design service and an interior decorating consultant to make them a one-stop shopping experience for every construction need.

Since the Miles and Richmond families first bought the business in 1948, it has expanded from six employees to 16 full-time employees. With ten crews at their disposal, Miles-Richmond can handle just about any size project that comes along. The staff is dedicated to the continued success of Miles-Richmond with the support of the surrounding community.

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